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Reg. Tribunale Firenze
n. 5241 del 20/01/2003

Provincia di Firenze
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Direttore responsabile:
Gianfrancesco Apollonio

Loriana Curri,
Simone Spadaro,
Claudia Nielsen,
Michele Brancale
Segreteria di redazione
Antonello Serino


Istituto Universitario Europeo
Il 9 novembre a Bruxelles
The Florence School of Regulation (FSR) of the European University Institute announces the second edition of the Energy Transparency Award Ceremony. The Event will take place at the Stanhope Hotel (Rue du Commerce 9, B-1000 Brussels) on 9 November 2011, starting at 19:00. A keynote speech will be delivered by Jean-Arnold Vinois, Acting Director DG Energy.

The Energy Transparency Award (ETA) is an annual competition that distinguishes a company or institution for their particular contribution to the transparency of energy markets in Europe.

The main purpose of the ETA is to promote the economic and technical efficiency of European energy markets through improved transparency. Transparency is an essential condition for the efficient functioning of energy markets.

Nominations for the ETA are evaluated by an international independent Selection Committee composed of Jean-Michel Glachant (Director FSR), Peter Kaderjak (former Chairman ERRA) and Jan Moen (former Norwegian Energy Regulator). The president of the Selection Committee is Jorge Vasconcelos, Chairman of NEWES, New Energy Solutions, a company acting in the field of renewable energy in Europe.

The 2011 winner of the Award will be announced during the Award Ceremony and honoured with a symbolic prize made especially for the occasion by the glass-blowers on the Venetian island of Murano.

For further information on the Energy Transparency Award please check the Florence School of Regulation website: or contact

EUI Communications Service
Email: Tel : +39 055 4685428

The Florence School of Regulation (FSR) is a project hosted by the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute. The Florence School of Regulation (FSR) was founded as a partnership between the Council of the European Energy Regulators (CEER), the Robert Schuman Centre and the European Commission in 2004. FSR is a European platform for discussing regulatory topics at a European scale. The School organizes training and policy events for regulators, policy makers from European Institutions and staff from companies of network industries. Further the School carries out applied research. Its focus is on the energy, communications & media and transport sectors.

04/11/2011 19:41
Istituto Universitario Europeo


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